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Ethics Case Study

Non Case Study Samples Ethics is the principle of conduct governing an individual or group. It is also a study of morality. Ethics is the discipline that examines the moral standards of a person or the moral standards of the community. Ethics asks whether those standards are applied to our life and whether they are reasonable or unreasonable.

  • Princeton University, Dialogues on AI & Ethics: Case study PDFs "Problematic Machine Behavior: A Systematic Literature Review of Algorithm Audits": A continually-updated list of studies from the CSCW 2021 paper . Project Sherpa: Case study future scenarios

  • Between 2013 and 2015, according to a Detroit Free Press article, “at least 20,000 Michigan residents—and possibly as many as 40,000—were wrongly accused of fraud” based on determinations made by a computer system that the state implemented “without human supervision and with an error rate as high as 93%.”

  • In implementing a code of ethics, the ideally successful communication plan is a platform whereby the shareholders, managers, and employees interact honestly, openly and with regard to internal and external parties. The communication takes place in regular training and procedures that honestly respond to queries from employees.

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